There’s a park near our home we call the Tree Park. If we’re headed to a park, we most often go there. It’s a lovely quiet little park. With the pictures this week, I’m exploring a new processing style called matte. I like it when I see others’ matte picture so we’ll see it works here.

Trader Joes has peonies! I can see why all brides want them in their boquets because they are so soft and beautiful! They start so small and closed and then each day they open and their color continues to soften until it’s the palest of pinks. I may need to go buy another bunch for this new week.

  He still seems like such a little baby that it’s hard to remember that my baby is 6 months old! He’s rolling over and spinning around and grabbing everything in sight these days. Oh, and his smiles just melt anyone around. He seems like a talkative little baby and I’m so curious to see what type of person he develops to be. Will he be crazy outgoing and creative like his sister? Will he be more cuddly and quiet… Read more »

My baby is now 6 months old! He’s rolling over with ease, is trying to sit up and it seems like he wants to crawl to reach all those toys just out of reach. I love how easy he is with the smiles and how his neck is sooo ticklish. Doesn’t he just look so grown up now?