Congratulations to Sarah and Danny on the newest little addition to their family! As the fourth child, he’s sure to find himself in the midst of so much adventure and love. Also, thank you Sarah for letting me play with him for a couple hours when he was only four days old. It’s such an honor watch a new child learn all the important things in life like breathing, eating, what your hands and feet do, who his parents are,… Read more »

I am in awe at how much energy my little gal has. She is sooo different from the rest of in this house with her bubbly spirit from early morning until she finally falls asleep at night. She loves singing and dancing and will almost always perform when asked. Much different from Mr. T Rex who will never perform when asked, not even if he was just doing the exact activity we want to see again . One of Miss… Read more »

Here are my favorite shots of the week. I love that I was able to capture the kids with one set of their grandparents this week. I remember fondly the few photos my parents have my myself and my grandparents so it’s such an honor to capture these shots for my own kids. And, finally here I am embracing the skinny jean trend. Trend-setter I am not.