It’s funny. I took over 450 photos this week and yet have very few to share. I’ve been experimenting with different lighting, practicing new composition techniques and still working on exposure. Will I ever get exposure correct in camera? Anyway, here are my favs of the week. Three completely random moments of our week.

We gave Mr. T Rex a Power Wheels vehicle for his birthday back in December. This week was his first time actually riding on it! He used to press the button and walk next to it or even just sit on it and watch everyone else. I’m not sure what changed this week, but you can tell that he sure had fun today.

6:05 AM – Up with the baby and the sun 6:30 AM – T Rex wakes up singing about climbing trees “like a monkey dooos” 6:45 AM – Miss Punzel does not want to wake up but finally caves to some cuddles with mama and little brothers. 7:00 AM – Breakfast of raspberry fingers and french toast After breakfast, we dress quickly, race to find socks, shoes, and preschool homework (!!!) and get to preschool by 9am. Then it’s my time… Read more »

So, I hit overload this week in photography knowledge. It’s been ten weeks since I started this project. Ten weeks since I’ve been shooting almost everyday with my fancy camera and nice lenses. Also, ten weeks since I’ve been poring over the wealth of information in the Clickin Moms forums. I’ve been learning about techniques like Back Button Focusing, how the three parts of exposure work together (shutter speed, aperture, ISO), backlighting, how to best shoot in low light, how to best… Read more »