Miss Punzel started preschool this week. For the next 18+ years she will be in school. Good thing for her school includes playdough and crayons. To celebrate her first day of preschool, I walked the town with my younger boys. While my baby napped in the stroller, my sweet and quiet middle child and I ate pastries from the local bakery, went to the library, window shopped at the toy store, and even played in these fun bike racks. The… Read more »

In my little city, we have two thrift stores next to each other, another one down the street and another a mile away. And yet, I seldom have time (without any kids in tow) to visit. But, today. All three kids were napping at the same time! So, off I went and found this little treasure. I can’t wait to clean it up and start learning about “tiny thingies.”

So, I have a theme to my pics this week. One of the photography skills I’ve been wanting to work on is faceless portraits and my two favorite shots this week just happened to meet that goal. First up… Check out my little T Rex helping hold the “leash” on his younger cousin. Such a helper he is. Next is my little man again with his new favorite toy airplane.

My personal challenge for this month’s Embrace the Camera was to experiment with different poses. Nearly all women I know are skittish in front of the camera because we dread the unflattering picture. So, prepared with a Pinterest board full of posing guides for photographers, I waited for all the kids to go down for naps. I then grabbed my tripod, camera and newly fixed 50mm lens (yea!) and hoped on the bed. I tried many different poses; even the… Read more »

It’s been a long week. I broke my new 50mm lens on Friday. I tried shooting with my other lenses but couldn’t embrace the minimum f4.0 or f5.6 of those lens. It’s just too hard to take any decent shot with those lens on my little ol’ Rebel XTi that wasn’t pitch black or riddled with noise. So, the shot this week is aimed to capture a fun moment; not to challenge my photography skills. In case you couldn’t figure… Read more »