I recently noticed that a major difference between my photographs and those of professionals’ is focus. That is, pictures by the pros always seem to be so sharp and clear while mine are somewhat soft or even out of focus. So, this week I devoted myself of focusing on nailing the focus. I know that the fancier pro cameras are sharper and their lens are clearer, but my Canon Rebel XT is plenty capable of capturing a picture in focus…. Read more »

With each week’s Project 52, I usually try to follow the prompts given by Paint the Moon. This week’s theme was A Different Perspective. I saw my opportunity when Miss Punzel asked me to paint her nails both pink and purple. I also had to include in this week’s post one of the latest shots of my littlest man. Don’t you just love squishy baby bellies? So, on to my final set of shots. I keep seeing in others’ newborn… Read more »

I want my children to remember what I look like. Unfortunately, though my computer is filled with pictures of them and other family members, I am frequently absent. So, I resolve this year to get in front of the camera more often. Sometimes this means that I’ll hand the camera to Miss Punzel (age 3.5) as in this picture. Other times it’ll mean that I set the camera on a tripod (or even a rock) and set the timer like… Read more »

So, for the past week, I’ve been shooting all my pictures in RAW and then editing them slightly in Photoshop. The workflow is still pretty tedious but I love that I can fix the white balance and lighting. Hopefully I’ll find shortcuts to the process over time. I have also been shooting all pictures in Full Manual and for the first time, feel like I can actually control the final outcome. It’s so awesome to have a picture in my… Read more »

These are such lively little people. They were so excited to help and kept trying to sit in each cubby as it was finished. Miss Punzel even found room for her “kittens.” I know that I’ll always laugh at the memory of them helping carry the finished bookshelf down the hallway. They even hoped that I’d let them sleep in a cubby tonight. Just think; I could have thirteen more kids if they each slept in a cubby since we… Read more »

I love this little guy. He was so excited to check the mail at the end of the driveway that he was roaring and galloping the entire way.

I wanted to share what did not make my top pick for the beginning of Project 52. I love each of the following photos for the stories they tell and the composition. However, each of the photographs have flaws and since I want to share my family’s story here as well as improve as a photographer, I thought I would also share these photos. I love seeing little people interacting with their loved ones. A psychologist may say that’s because I have… Read more »

Metadata: f/2.2, 1/3200, ISO 1600 I’ve been around “fancy” cameras my entire life and have owned my Canon Rebel EOS XT since 2006. I’ve dabbled in learning how to shoot in manual over the years but it never stuck. This time I have four very photogenic subjects doing very cute activities. So, this year is devoted to documenting the life of this family of five. Project 52 – Each Wednesday I’ll post my favorite picture of the previous week. After 52 weeks, I… Read more »